Tangible Capital Asset Implmentation Resources

TCA Reference Manual

TCA Register

TCA Register for Excel 97

TCA Register Instructions

TCA Policy Template

Estimated Bridge Replacement Costs

Full Bridge Inventory at January 2008

Road Year of Construction

Full Culvert Inventory at February 2008

Large Culvert Replacement Cost Estimates

Munisoft Chart of Accounts (February 01, 2010)

Municipal Budget Illustration

IMPORTANT: Recommended Thresholds For Municipalities in Saskatchewan:
It is beneficial to have your auditor agree with the threshold before you commence to gather your inventory. This will eliminate the need to redo your inventory should your auditor require a lower threshold.

Rural Road Costing Model

User Manual

RM Division Map

Valuation Estimates

Road Replacement Cost Estimates

Grid Gravel

Main Farm Access

Primary Grid

Urban Linear Asset Information

Linear Asset Survey Information

2008 TCA Workshop Presentations

PSAB Overview

PS 3150 - Inventory Valuation

PS 3150 TCA Project Phases

PSAB 3150 Handling Specific Asset Inventories

Relationship of PSAB 3150 and Asset Management

Beyond PSAB 3150 (SUMA Convention)

Asset Inventory Case Study: Town of Nipawin (SUMA Convention)

RM of Buckland Pilot Project Referenc Material

Presentation Handout

PS 3150 Project Summary (RMAA Presentation)  NOTE: This is a 7MB file, may take some time to download

Completed Asset Register

Buckland 6 Step TCA Summary


Town of Dalmeny Pilot Project Reference Material

Presentation Handout

Presentation slideshow part 1 - Gordon Sparks (NOTE: Large file)

Presentation slideshow part 2 - Nicole Allen/Shelley Funk (NOTE: Large file)

Spreadsheet slideshow - Steve Brown/Nicole Allen (NOTE: Large file)

Completed Asset Register

Dalmeny 6 Step TCA Summary

Village of Denzil Pilot Project

Presentation powerpoint (Note: large file)

Village Webinar(Recorded Sep 17,2009) (Note: large file)

Denzil 6 Step TCA Summary

Completed Asset Register

Stark & Marsh Pilot Review Summary

Village of Denzil Tangible Capital Asset Policy

Denzil Capital Asset Thresholds

TCA Register Webinar

Presentation Materials

Recorded Session

Working Group Minutes

December 6, 2011 Minutes

2009 Financial Statement Workshops

Session 1 Presentation - Financial Statement Changes Power Point

Session 1 Presentation - Financial Statement Handout (Excel)

Session 2 Presentation - Budget Implications Power Point

Session 2 Presentation - Budget Reconciliation Handout

Session 3 Presentation -  Accounting Entries Presentation Power Point

Session 3 Presentation - Locating JE information on Asset Register Power Point

Session 3 Presentation - Before/After Financial Statement Handout  (Note: Don't update the file when you open it)

Regina Financial Statement Workshop videos

(Note: These are extremely large files, download times will vary with internet connection)

Session 1 Financial Statement Changes Video

Session 2 Budget Presentation Video

Session 3 Accounting Entries Video

Session 4 Before/After Financial Statement Video

Session 5 Village of Denzil Video 

(Note: You may need to download a free viewer to look at these movies, the free viewer can be found at:

2010 SUMA Convention Presentations

Financial Statement Input.document

Sample Financial Statements

Presentation Powerpoint

Journal Entry Example

2010 SARM Presentation

Financial Statement Workshop powerpoint

2010 RMAA Convention

 PSAB Update Presentation

2010 Financial Statement Workshop

Financial Statement Session Power Point

Financial Statement Handout

Budget Session Power Point

Budget Session Handout