Asset Management Saskatchewan (AM-SK) is Saskatchewan's first working group dedicated to assisting municipal stakeholders in improving their knowledge and abilities in Municipal Infrastructure Asset Management. AM-SK is working collaboratively with SUMA and SARM as well as other Asset Management Working Groups from all Regions across Canada and The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM).


Municipal Asset Management Program

Awareness Building and Basic Technical Assistance
for Small Urban and Rural Municipalities in Saskatchewan.


Announcing Round 2

Asset Management Saskatchewan (AM-SK) is pleased to announce that we've been successful with our project proposal to Municipal Asset Management Program's Request for Proposals (RFP) - Round 2.

Grant funding will be used to support the delivery of webinars and a three-day, in-person workshop on asset management planning and decision-making, for municipal staff and elected officials. The webinars will focus on service development, risk management, asset registers and long-term financial planning. The workshop will allow participants to develop a draft asset management plan using their own organizational data.

The grant for this work is funded through FCM's Municipal Asset Management Program, a five-year, $50-million program, delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and funded by the Government of Canada Learn More.

Project Partners


Invest 8 Minutes in an Overview of the Asset Management Challenge

Aging infrastructure in Saskatchewan is a major challenge for communities. As an elected official or municipal manager you have a critical responsibility to ensure long term sustainability of your community. Asset Management Saskatchewan is here to guide you.

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Did you miss the live Webinar?

The webinar is tailored to and meant for both municipal staff and elected officials. Its intended as a prerequisite to attending one of our face to face workshops and will provide basic information focused on:

The 60 minute recorded webinar is available online.

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This initiative is offered through the Municipal Asset Management Program, which is delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and funded by the Government of Canada. Learn More